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the storm outside wages
and the sins cast raise the
the cat stirs
its yellow amber gaze

the mists through the shire
the sea roams against the caves
that groan
and dreams shake away
behind the Mica windows
the peat fire blaze
its sweet comfort
the tea pail simmering

Hawthorn and Root

the winged spirit climbs
bitter fruit
the wizened hearts
of unbelievers

the bear walkers
who despoil the truths
of rune stones

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Sorry, my critique has been really dumb lately.

But I love the last verse.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Poems speak their own language to many but
not all...

Thank You!

author comment

You know you are one of my favourite Poets on Neopoet. I guess this one just didn't speak to me. Sorry.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

All that still on archives...
and its there for those moments
I go back there to see what has changed
and it is so very much different now..

This is so far abstract
from the old works
I wrote longer more descriptive
More insightful and carefully
created...Even at work and here
at home things I say now doesnt
really compel them to fully
comprehend my meanings

Maybe those earlier works were
the pristine moments the magic
who knows...I go back there to read
the magic times I consider of Neo
of then....But I live in today also..
Maybe too its a warning the dangers
of extreme alcoholism too and drug
combinations...One cannot live as
such without the consequences of
altering the brain...Perhaps that is
what happened....whom knows..

Its okay to like a certian style or
or era in Poetry or music...I listen to
music from bands I loved in the mid
nineties and then the mid two thousands
and the stuff they are creating now sucks
big bananas....And what does speak to you
happy then..speaks to people now This new
abstract work....I found the poetry that I didnt
understand fired me up to create in such a
manner because the poetry I got was something
I knew..something I was comfortable with..Like
muscle building and stretching the body and limits
one must experience bewilderment and pain to
bear a threshold for flexible new perspectives..
I can write Orgami of old till the cows come home
like Hendrix would still be playing Watchtower which
he didnt really like at the end.. He wanted them to
appreciate his new blues innovations...
Joy of this place is when one poet loses the personal
flavour there are plenty others to pick up and follow
and Changing styles just means attracting new poets
with ideas that spurns them to create as it did me in
the past....

I love the past..But everyday I feel I must attempt to change
it is the challenge that keeps me up to date with the young
and the old...

Thank You

author comment

I'm not sure I understand this on a conscious level but it whispers to my spirituality. I think this is preferable. Thanks Esker!


Blue Demon77

"What I want is to be what I was before the knife,
before the brooch pin, before the salve, fixed me in this parenthesis:
Horses fluent in the wind. A place, a time gone out of mind."

The Eye Mote-Sylvia Plath

they would chew this up to peices..
and thats fine.. Im not publishing..
Im writing..and a lot of these are just
works in the dark..

If something in here sparked an interest then
thats what I intended
I proved that i could write with Orgami but
that ended....I almost deleted my account because
of my ideals and principles and things that were
a large issue in my personal life outside this place

but I hung on
altered a perspective and began to write
with a new genre and style

Im glad I didnt leave this place
sometimes its just an essence
rather then a physical thing one can
see ....What of the people that read
poetry without vision..
they still love
feel warmth
sense the winds the weather moods
peoples temperament
descripts for this are beyond just
the simplicity of a basic entertaining
poem...start begin middle conlcusion end...

Thank You Ron!

author comment

cool weather..fall
Hawthorn and Root
substance of potions
remedies before the
flourescent storebought
pharmacults took over

Healers of old were something
practising the crafts
in our lands modern they were
feared too

My ancestors come from Scotland
and there they cut peat to burn
Stoves with fireproof mineral Mica shist
windows..coal if one is wealthy enough too
they both have distinct odours I am told
I have smelt coal only and it is very
nostalgic a smokey bitter warm flavour

Easel for the image...So many have the
pleasant looking light house of cottage with
creek etc...generic happiness
but what of the real
the cow flop horse paddie pile and straw
the ragged thatch and the crooked shale

Or pleasant home with neat trim

many still consult with the old medicine
healers...It is not like waltzing up with
a goverment paper and a fistful of
dollars and taking a number

And often the gift these have
Young or old...can be channeled
so they can travel and shape shift

In our culture the bear walker sleeps
naked so he can travel
(I sleep in track pants in case I am
needed to deal with anything in
the house and my pack of two dogs
and I can be ready)

I visited Near Seattle America the soft
land subsiding into the sea being driven
apart by the power of the oceans mighty
fist or gentle lull...There are no stone caves
per say where I was but along the Scottish
coast there are...IN days of old the land
was submerged from the weight of the glaciers
but has risen leaving sea gates on castles
a kilomter from its taste

Tea finds these all over
Bedouin tents ...shamans..tramps.
witchs..warlocks and ordinary folks
I just miss having a tea on a stove
or fire and put that in there for me!!!!

Unbelievers were the people who were
adamant about the shamans or medicine
people....I cant say much about this
other then Believe or not believe I think
that truly there is power....just because
I think Hydro is pretentious or sucks
doesnt mean Im going to kick the downed
power line thats down to show it something

Ive seen much cause and effect!!
People feared these people for due cause

Last line is personal
anyone caring to research
Vikings and Natives hold onto strong
traditions medicines and shamanistic

and they interbred much
and well
long after the Vikings dissipated
as the strong force...The descendants
travelled more eventually

All the connection with blood and spirits
is a very important part of that kind
of teaching...

author comment

So its 2:14 AM on the dark side of the planet, I'm sitting in flickering candlelight listening to Yes on my headphones, reading and commenting and critiquing...and I find this.

Oh man, this is good. Each read brings more to me, on so many levels, of remembrance and spirituality. This just aches, my friend.
Maybe its the Scots in my soul, lol.
Most extremely excellent.

Respectfully, Race

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

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