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p r e m o n i t i o n

notions in the dark
we are lands
capable of breath
hushed in a desparate
this love we tender
the flame sharp
the kisses soft

nape of winter
rushing in its banks
past all the steady

and the rain is falling
like all our words

Editing stage: 


his love we tender

the flame sharp
.........................................the kisses soft

the hard hits of life
seem so true
when some one
who is in love with you
only then you do


there are many whom loved me
and I lived with many
years past
seasons changed

Loved you read me here
my words

the intensity in life
real time is beyond limits
and lines

I arrive here still
when I leave
words may comfort

its what we have
if we wish to share

Thank You

author comment

there are two schools of thoughts
West experiences
experiments when young
and as with as many
giving in…

the East is long term wait
longer duration
but not with many
the KAMASUTRA comes to capture
the foretold expected misery
that's what the world does see
who is doing right where
and words of life
later shall one recall
but then twill be ones natural
fall after all…


Addition to the piece.

You seem to be standing on the brink of oblivion , not that you are going that way, just a secret observer of the consequences of things and a journey to do.
Then your reply to Loved showed that in your watching you saw a pathway no matter how hard it has been the love of many will guide you through, I liked the depth here, I had lost the depth of your writes for a while.
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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