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p o s t u l a t o r y

time bleached
with the tongue ot sun

shade and blight
rust and blood

tears and worn streets
full of wind catologued

You groomed me long

the night fresh
you tamed the beast

leaning in the trunk yearned

beneath the cacaphony of constellations
how you tore at the flyers
of a rational

Editing stage: 


the halo of moon
night dark hair
as sweet as snow white

I write for muses
I write for writings sake
I see this muse every
other day

twenty something
and pale
the fierce fresh smile
burning with life

I remember when I wrote
in the wastelands
muse less

this is my personal favourite
about a real person
about beauty and youth

she doesnt know I write

author comment

That you write is such a part of you, then you should not hide this from anyone, it is a beautiful facet of yours to let words shine from your deep thought.
To hide this is not good, it I hope will eat its way out, and shine on many more, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Esker you composed
in clearer words
for dwarfs like us

to cherish the rays of the moon
so lovely
so blueish too
we all love to read you


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