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*P H A N T I S M A L A T I O N Z *

Settling in the spring stirring
the lights focus dazed
an echo soft craving droplets
dripping velvet

tasting like candy
smokey darkness
enveloped in negatives
emerging like a chrysalis
pushed through hours
of longing

raised ghostflesh
through sheens of shirts
the buttons like moons
pearl and hardened
silk labels parch edged
rubbings against the
thirty three bones of

revelations of gasps
whispers of words
the dry satin paragraphs
on streetlit window shows
the snowy drifts of dreams
in a slow motion drawl
the mouth of waiting
stretched forever
like the door open
the stretching hall
torts and calamity
tatoos and patches
sewn in juniper balm

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A list of words. The worst poem I have ever read of yours.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

a list of have gotten the truth of poem spot on..
my favourite thing is to read forgotten grocery list..
all the scripts in handwriting which i analyse
like profiling words and works

one of my favourite writes of my own of late..

thank you!

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