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out of heaven

hell forbidden
trash up the shimmer
the clasp of lights that hinder

cast upon the fiery mirage
the ghosts of angels die
side slip like a lock
your sacred soul the pearl

handled smooth
and fleeting like a folded

at my hip
you sigh

begin to speak......

Editing stage: 


sometimes poets are broken
from the wild
given consciences and run
to wars

the given from those that love
the shattered and the sheltered

shimmering souls

like a summer storm


author comment

I was reminded of a Christmas past, just like Scrooge! A day of infamy, a dark season at best.
I love the image conjured by the line: " trash up the shimmer". Like adding too much tinsel to the tree and making it overdone and gaudy. As ever, I have no idea if/or what you meant was the same as what it meant to me. I did get a feeling overwhelming love for someone and that is easy to see. Seeing reality one day at a time, ~ Gee

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

i thought I was cursed
and may be
but its a blessing too
to see things the way I do

handle people
contact events
and occurences...
*See Rayes Theorem

It is about Love
love that is wonderful
and symbolic
and must be removed
and set away

sometimes thats more
important then the day
to day we survive on

Illusions cant feed you
but they are beautiful

You got it spot on!!
Thank You!

author comment

simply exquisite ...
tis been our /my loss in particular....
for not having been blessed with ideas
as clear as yours....
wonderfully poetscaped ....


and a belief in what you are and of your art...
I wish I had what you had in belief of your work
and self in Persona here...I like the way you
word things and your poems
Elf said I was like you in ways and that
to me was a compliment and I do try to
write with your flair..It has helped

Thank You!

author comment

that elfy dear should say so
I 'm so fond to hear....

he calls me shitty-------- normally

but what I know about the world’s mind
I say poetry is from the heart
an emotional way
and thought comes from mind alone

it's not that poets
don't have a mind of their own

all I ensure is never hit below the belt,
it hurts one and all
small, big, hollow or tall
and now friend in your court lies
the poetic ball...


'your sacred soul the pearl
... at my hip
you sigh
...begin to speak......'

i wish someone felt this way about me
love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

bearing our scars...flaunting the flash...
Ive no doubt there have been admirers
but quality mining is a lot of removal and
effort to the perfect other....

I see the facets...The fire...
and I write it out
Perhaps Im a Gambler and Man about town
like they used to ridicule me..but with one
eye closed!!! When I see others with the
skills and abilities I put heavy bets with them

I need my Howls I hear out there
I need the glint from those eyes
the snarls

territory and stance

Experience cannot be bought or
hoarded but shared

Thank You!

author comment
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