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- orchid -

in cap fallen
dizzy knee

the fire gasp
gust glow
like the steady
high and higher

tip it in
tilt it out
and armor
that will sleek
the ruin
but not a pretty


the welt of tears
on a windowsill
where you walk
cat footed

come come
with a palm
on the suede

drench rains
i can feel the dampness
of the pain

see the stagger
on night borne

get up
the wolves
wont wait

Editing stage: 


Dear Esker
many follow you
but sure enough
I do love to read you
what ever say you!

as with
and all hungers
a preferred appetite....
not for many...
perhaps for some..

thank you Loved!

author comment

Your title Orchid, as Loved, or maybe better I always read your pieces, they bring another dimension to writing.
An Orchid to me as we have some flowering here most times.
They are a gently folded
expression of beauty
held with shades and a depth
that only true love of purity can offer
Yet there in your words
we drift even to the beauty of the Wolf,
there held in your words are feelings
and scattered thoughts
that come from a deep part of a mind
that sees more than it can ever say.
Go well young Wolf
your pure thoughts are hard to display
Yet are felt,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

the pallid ones..associative with death
soft luminous..sensual...quiet
titles are color or smell
or texture associative too
not just the physical structure

thank you
bruised hues..etc

author comment
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