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o medo de amar

there is
there of
this light
fulfills but nothing
just the bowls of your eyes
which my thirst
longs for
but its salted
its poison

I will parch
without returning
trusting you

having fed
this trust
is a tryst
mouth watering
and fixated

and compulsion
when this wind
and you are open
the light shines
upon you and
the hair
that is fine upon
you is like an

in the grasses I
feel the creek
an aria
my hands
my face

your scent
will be on the
when I ride...

Editing stage: 


I have taken it upon me to remove as many from unread lists..... over three weeks
Jess says its okay
but don't take me amiss
here its becoming disgusting to post
none read
at least we don't come to know

on other sites so many read
and also comment
I don't lament
about 1000 read /visit my poetry
I feel happy
can Stan or Ian do anything about it

Only i salvage unheard ones
its a misfortune.disgusting
to have been in doldrums
many have been unread over weeks
mine also though not too often

dont let anyone send you in either..
let them come forward..
they are using you as forward point...

anyway I dont care if Im not read!
means I am doing being a mystery
because I write well enough to be understood
as one said..

If You have a thousand reading your works
at other sites...I am happy
I am Happy being here at this site..
for commenting today
anbd reading this
although I know and feel that
others are behind this..
its okay are the brave
one to come forward
not the rest of the COWARDS
thank you!

author comment

yours esker

this is deep and I liked the flow, as the stream.
The first part threw me a little:-
there is
there of
this light
Maybe it is the way you say things but it was out of place for the rest, unless you put it as a carry on from the title ???
Not sure what loved is up to as usual and his many readers, but I sometimes drift into the unread place, I always feel that there are a few poets that no matter how hard their work is, we loose so much if we don't try to see what they are doing and talking about.
I have to really concentrate to read a few of your works but that is just the way my think works.
I am glad that you just write as you feel it is the only way,
Take care out there, also know that I do read all of your works but am bad at commenting,
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

poets...the commerial ones I read and the ancients because of language was
a challenge..Milton the most..Atwood hard to get into her pace etc..
some of the lines are dust on my new feild come fall.

glad that you comment though Ian...Your work in this is commendable
and Loves mystery comments..the mind also appreciated!!!

Thank You!

author comment

Steven, é uma beleza ! Gostei muito disso.


poetry reigns in our fall lighting here.....angular and striking.
the dreams of late vivid...cascades of memory
sound with its cold clarity in the northern climes
and south with its humid charms
the threshold storms
arising with its passion from the gulf coast!!

Thank You!

author comment

I write what I feel. Maybe that is not poetry, It may be time for me to stop.

Up here..way way up north they have found the Erebus and the Terror...
Franklins old doomed excursion to find the northwest passage..a terror of
an account! Thus I love your iceberg poem very much!

Poetry IS feeling...and that for some is a passage in itself!

Your poems are an account of that...
I write all coded and thick.....My own life not as exciting...
maybe....Maybe the real is more..

but for now
I can only just write of the more blurry lines..

Please Keep Writing my Friend!

Your Friend..Mr Esker!!

author comment

Sreven, not many see what I am all about and what I am trying to say. Thank you for the encouragement, I see beyond your words/ and you see beyond mine. And neither of us as lead a "charmed" life. That is the engine that drives us.

Your friend, Mr, Longo-Geremia Ruffolo :)

I was trying to see why all the characters that I have in my life..
some chosen to be there and others just hacked their way in..
perhaps was due to a large part of "Charm"
i'm trying to think of this as an an equation
that is the complexity of human inter relation
something that exists that is non existent in many
an odd quality that excites the interest
and keeps them drawn
they are always a hard sell most
the hard bargain beginnings set it up that way
a tough mathematical lock and key system
only though I put it like math
because of todays algorythymns to figure
out the simplicity of rations to how we
derive to the base level

most people think im completely nuts
but thats okay
there was only one other in the class
of grade five or six that got tested
he had his maths and acheived
a very high standing in high school
before a car crash claimed him
the gauntlet of life....

however...without maths and
basic short term memory I was
doomed to ride this side of life

"charmed" it could have been
a lot more robust..tougher
we saw it all around us and
were educated on the poverty
and power and politics that
others had to navigate
not a pretty site...

it was the articulation and gusto
when push come to a shove
that just made me dig in
i was already pushed to the
far edge and beyond at that

at any rate my friend
a good word for today to
fathom together in a
rather interesting life
so far

thank you
Mr Esker

author comment
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