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cascade this blade of light
sharpening the eyes
your stare finds me
through the thicket
and dream wicket

How you lead me
transfixed through resolutions
of moods and emotions

how far i travel
you find me with
a look a call

the delicate footfalls
behind me in my
labyrinth halls

to lean against
an arm
and feel this
soft length hair

alive like the worlds
winter wonder
in the morning
arctic air

and I roam
with an exquisite
like flint and steel
for the tinder
of desire

Editing stage: 


I remember when I picked myself up from stumbling
in the dark..finding a pace a walk a way....
the smoothness of the new fresh gait and words
that awoke a glean of fire

Your poems and comments of late are such

Thank You so very much! Your Friend Esker!

author comment

lovely x


author comment

intense I feel
about the poet in you...
as a natural one indeed

as we walk side by side
along the boulevards
and walk away unknowingly
still when will the horseman come around
hold a while
as we stare

are you Esker?
you shall say ..
Loved that's you there...

the time for that hasn't yet arrived
as the ides of March have to yet!!!


we wend our works and walk in where withal
and wonder worlds...

author comment

words worlds wonder wanton

wend works walk where withal

let others
wonderful words weld


Love that last stanza. I found your poem quite dreamy and very tender. Love suits you, dear Esker.

Jenifer Jaspa James

Thank You Jenifer!

author comment

but thanks especially for the description of the hair

how we are like whitewater on the loch
broached and sacred secret hearts
in our herd world loneliness
and desires

The moments cast like dazzle fire
in the heat of the night
while stars flare over our souls
like myriad tears..

ancient and alive!!!!!!!!!

author comment

meant to be nuero

From grade five on what I learned just stuck
It was only recent that I found I misspell
words..even with spell check on a "red wriggler"
appears under the wrong made word.
)WKRP in Cincinnati ad for fishing bait(

and sometimes I try and try and to find
the correct word I hit a new window type
in what feels like the word
and then memorize it and bring it
down and by then the poem dissolves like
mist....And I was not on the machine as much
as or library

I am relearning slowly the correct words though

Thank you!

author comment

I compose as words flow
at times meanings I don't even know
then when I revise
just think someone wise will tell me so
what a word you chose …

So I damn care about others flare
some will catch you below
some will at you muck throw

who all will you fight against
really I don't know
but words like from flora fountain
simply flow

here now I go
leave it to the stalwarts
to do some homework…
else critiques will be jobless


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