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N i g h t e n g a l a

strands of ideals
glisten ridden
upon the shoals
the hidden

complimentary and pure

dipped in crescent notions
full of crespula reaching
bathed luxuriant and bare

a millenium breadth
spray fed and touched
an evening aura

worn in depths
smooth swept

Editing stage: 


anew....keep me away
from what weakens me
The winter eyes
the summer small
the autumn dark hair

author comment

You left me out
I am the Spring
In your step
The new light in your eyes,
The force that melts the Winter
I shall talk to you
I shall festoon your dreams
You will hear me
In all you do
I am The Spring
My energy is new
I remember you..

Take care young Steve, Yours Yenti

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

A little more emotion from your pen than I am accustom to. It works. It really does.



You wordcraft is unequalled.

But I am worried about you brother, what is going on?
Send me a PM, please.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Have never been finer..No need to PM this
my writing is increasing in paremeters
as it should and as I desire

I am boring the normal of same same
as any and all in my fine city here in Canada

and yet....THERE are new muses
perfection and intellect
the fast craft of conversation
and angles

it is normality I dread most
having never been satisfied
with that simple hunger
that ordinary pleasure
of that being

I prefer to be alive
prefer to never have
that hunger sated
but to be en route

examining all the
pretty and dark realms

awaiting winter
and the fall

and enjoying the treasures
of summer
beneath the crown
of this season


Thank You

author comment
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