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ON MY 70th YEAR:

There is no wound deep enough
for regrets or recrimination
no yesterday worth sanctification
and no asking worth the knowing,

I am a question not an answer
and I anguish over my own mystery.
There is no Glory in living
for living is what we are meant to do.
There is no Honor in ending
for ending is what we have to do.

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Assuming this is your birthday I wish you a happy one. This poem is like most you write in that I read it and despair at ever attaining similar economy of words...............stan

Thanks,Stan. I try to be short, sharp and to thw point :)


author comment

A happy birthday for your Seventieth Birthday
to me it appears
you were born just yesterday
with the verve and nerve
you still display,
not many can boast ...
friend that's just by the way ..
as we all wish you
a very Happy Birthday
19 October 1942
perhaps today
twas 1942
may I that say!


Thank you. so well poetically expressed'

author comment

Young lad your God will ask you to sup with him when it is time, so there are plenty of things to do.
Enjoy the good memories and the friends that are here and those that have passed.
I have found since reaching that 70 that a lot has changed it seemed as if all things needed to be balanced and sorted, where the clutter of a lifetime should be tidied up and evaluated.
As usual, I was wasting precious time on what had passed not what I should be doing.
But we learn each day the sunrise to see the life's struggle to do all great tasks and worth every second.
Take care young Joe, even a smooth surface if you look to close may be rough, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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