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modus vivendi

this is the way the day unfolds
swirling crown notions
wings in a flurry
while dirty watered bootsteps
stretch north north west

deep in the harvest of fingerdepths
you turn your smooth caress
into doubts...the flat
bisquit liquid phone

a crop of black stirs
on the wire
the mezzanine snowflake
tile array
dizzy in its spell wound
rising like them
striking the sky with their
cries of hungry indignities

the snow covering your passing
with meaning
soft and diffuse

Haste us away
we are old ghosts
with new names

and you

you can never be tame

Editing stage: 


As always, I enjoyed the journey! Wish I could offer more in the way of critique, but I am still digesting. Maybe after another read.


the eruptions
converted to joy
and as far as critique goes
I run nothing to offer
to a God of


Another beautiful piece from your pen you never fail to amaze me and tonight is no different


love JC x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

ballets of interest


I burn through them
simmering and blazing
I am not a follower
nor a great leader or words
or works

I have just a voice of an artist
the call of a friend
on a line of distance

and Love

love is the great mystery
that pangs and aches
in its achievements of

I am single again
I am careful and studious
and the spring arrives
in its dismal creative rains
and grey skeys dark as

there is something
about being alive
something about feeling

a qaulity to being alone
that enlivens the soul
and throws fresh visions
in every new vista
and dream stir that awakens
one deep in the hours between
midnight and morning

author comment

the clay caked sluiced in hands
beneath my heels
and at the helm
following stars

i come back
to follow myself
like a shadow from
a mirror

this year aged me
like no other
and drew away
such waste
of grandiosity
i linger in

love is like its ghost
that walks through me
blending illusion
life and breath

author comment
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