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..... mercury whitewall moons ...

saffron chrome
her yawning perfume taut skin zone
the melliferous scandals

dusted arch
in keeping
the resting lie
beneath the wafer storm

winters dead bride come to ride
like an angels corpse
and the engine runs
idling outside

Black October
it rained and rained
drowning anguish
gushing sorrows
down the gaping ruin
tragedies worth

Lean your youth thin
arm against impermeable
and weep between misted
haunted scar
liquid blue eyes

three fifteen a.m.

climb in and everyone is
cherry red tail lights
deliver us to the living

lucky rabbits foot
four dollars
and sixteen cents

and the dreams begin

Editing stage: 


but the first 3 verses were obscure, as if you're writing them straight from the subconscious without much communication with the reader, i like a bit of mystery in poem, but too much and i tune out
After the first 3 sverses it's much more accessible and for me more meaningful..
angel's corpse..made me ponder
cheers from the antipods

hot summers
the scandals of fall
closing of the cottages
return from work
the gossip

the fall and rains
and darkness starts to crawl
settle in to routine and await winter
impatient and restless

this winter is where for us?
so many dead and gone in the clashs
as weather warms up or

its nothing yet though...

so winter will be welcomed
but with a sceptics heart I feel
and always a thin layer long

and without the life that spirits
bring I feel

natives are so into spirits and
this fog unsettled me here
so used we are by regularity
as if the weather is ours

These are visits to the graveyard
a driver and a girl
the car with its too elaborate
show for the visit
the perfumed interior

there is snow on the gate
but a teaser only

sometimes the snows the winter
the winds release the dreams
alive to haunt to to rest
but this stillness
this waiting
allowing acess to the grave
with marking stones

no cloak
no softness
no letting go sometimes

everyone has a talisman
on their keychain
or used too

everyone has scars

author comment

a close friend gave me a talisman
and that talisman had since
brought stories and will
with others

future meets

I recieved a ticket to a meal gathering
also...and an invite to a free theatre movie
of our capital center of a rock band
Something for the street and the now
sucessful zoomers
music like poetry the great transgression
trial between the two

rest and relaxation for the masses

on a Thursday
and back at it for Friday

the morning wakes me in rain
the dogs hesitant on the trail
I wish to hide in bed
and away from the world
numbed with whatever comes to

but sometimes climbing
into the great fear
of mortality
of the unknown
with no control

This is where
a life may be found
and a poem tapestry
of worth unwound


author comment

i think one will take a life time reaching

the pedestal whereupon you stand
through magnificent light
on poets new
all over the world tis true
your experiences one would love to share
with ones own wish to compare
and so now
I too dare....


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