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Megaton Pixellation

bruise the grandstand
this empty bystander
shelters eyes with dirty
groans the ragged

you needle works
are shinning like sharp
teeth artifice

This slight and delicate
fever thats fickle
your fist holding love
like a wanton sickle

slip me your pang
of lacerate
how I love your
to medicate
and they cut away the wires
rusted thick like blistered
and you sway in S-curve

Editing stage: 


There should be an "r" on
"You (r) needlesworks"

and at the end of a poem
after "smooth"
there should be the word

again all my works are mostly just run
out like I do my fast sketchs

author comment

about tech life How we rely on machines
to seek us our virtual fixes
screen fetch me care and callous seeking
tis music and scene I shall be linking

ad infinitum

and love
that moves our eyes
and sways our ears
with voices pasturized
and pure

the syllables unkempt
and raw
the taste of this does
make the draw

whisper view me love
and need

author comment
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