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There are tawny brilliances
swirling in the fires of darkness
edible logics hissed between the
crooked space in your wasteland
Devoured irony in fumes of
cardiac arrhythmia
when you bend the elongations
of a throat exposed
the skins of design pulling taut
on gravitational duress

plump dreams like foam beneath
the lucid cataracts
capturing the overhang
of a spinning lisp
words like spells
beneath the flicker of a dream
exposed expanse tunics
reed bank gardens
in airs of dampness

locked like a glass
onlooker verve
the balance wheel
of trust wrapped in fingers
of sky
sturdy as the branch
for the dark panthers
of night
to glide through the
strewn ruin
of your sweet chaste charmz
your moist alms


Editing stage: 


I cannot critique this, as you send us in ricochet from this to that,
in rich tones of colour that inspire the mind to dance through
all the visions of your mind, and find it slightly difficult to make a whole,
but then, that is sometimes the aim of modern poetry,
where the whole is fragmented, much like the TV advertisements
rushing through images that state momentary pictures to our minds,
in the hopes that they rivet our attention and thereby achieve admiration.
This is not to belittle your statement here, but to confess
to my ignorance of understanding through this method of expression.
I enjoyed the visions you suggested to my mind, as I always do in your work,
so keep it up and things will happen as the more we do the better we should become.

Love to you Wolf, from little Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

as there is no indication as to what is being said or sold or
flicked at in imagery....
I was astounded though by a french movie experimental from
the twenties called "Starfish" there are a large number of
these made preserved lost etc..
my poems are nothing as loud or clear in statement
but they are in that genre I feel.

Thank you for your response to this peice!
the richotte notion is an apt notation of how it feels..

its a love ode...a dark feel....and yet its about the nature
how that power..that sensuality of physical regard lies
in some muses..

there is nothing specific in my works.
i leave it open for the associative feel
then a personal in depth macro focus..

maybe i should consider it though..
thank you!

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