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a m u l e t

felt the bulbs upon his tarnished skin
their heat their glow
studying their faces
his own in the fading glow

the little room
the tiny house
how his hunger
grows and grows

the acne ravages
stealing the bold
but the kind
the powerful
stand to show
their interest
no love
their stories
no part

so he acts
the hero
villan fox
walks the vaudeville
gaunt and haunted

while the plot is
and the play
is stuttered
in a jittery hand
the ink black
dripped and

drives him
a hunger

he meets the
the master
and the made

his need is
met in rains
and storms
of cold
and light

the emptiness
and chill
the snowflakes
his only thrill

alone and open
cursed and sad
and upon his
his heart
his badge
the honor
of the roles
and stages
wages found

the girls kept
the girls whom
kept him

and on the thighs
of those he wept
the little boy
who died
become the ghost
of the man
of a thousand


Editing stage: 


Loved this one in some strange way, it seemed to tell me of a haunting of a soul, but in a good way.
Just a couple of things:-

he meets the
the master
and the made "Did you mean "Maid" here..

the little boy
who died
become the ghost "does this need an "S" for becomes ??"
of the man..
Take care, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

..Made as in Made man or men or made women..
but I like the idea of maid..or maidens....

either way Ian would work well..

Ghosts..excellent choice
and yes its always for a good cause..
thank you!

author comment

You are very welcome, I am becoming use to your style and the depth you write at, it seems to echo the ways you have travelled.
I think it was Jess that said it is better to write from the things you know, and these stories are raw writing, love it.
I was talking to someone about poetry the other day and had to ask,
"What is going to be the future for our works",
"Who is going to be remembered"
"What poetry will be the in thing later?"
It is a muddled world young Wolf where the number of people that like a type of writing cannot be assessed.
Are you going to have your works published??
I am in 48 books and have "One love two worlds Published but the reading public is few.
My next venture is to use the facility of the Kindle publishing place, I am not sure if you know of it.
Anyway I digress from your grand works, go well young Wolf and know we think of you and hold a part of you close,
Yours Ian

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

and bad...not sure whats going to happen..
publish ...
got a typewriter...
maybe facebook
keep one site.small

hard going lately

glad someone gets something from all
of this

we still have to live in the day to day
and that sometimes is hard for the
creative people..

fighting depression bad
may just hit delete one day
like others...

print off what you like

i want to stay
but im fickle as hell...

Kindle I know of and many
and much
Im quite aware and smart
pdf files I read mostly
from science places
lougheed martin and others
U tube and Vimeo

I can still just crank out poetry
from fifty on on the typewriter
living from a room..
not sure what im doing

I have a lot in my life
but all Ive been through
to get here
has gotten to me

battled fatigued
mental monkeys
ha ha

i will be okay
i will be here

just wanted to say it
feels better

Thank s Ian

author comment
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