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m e t r o n i d a z o l e . . . .


airliners shed sunlight
pierce heaving slight
the flit ghost lock

Tender there against the
adrenal temps

there are tempers of
madness dripping
the loose mind connections

shivers thin sheaves
tinfoil emollient

roam room rotations
and the steady moment
clarity like a thousand
foot fall opens up
like a smile

breathless on the floor
the cold pulse wake
its raining
thunder pouring
down through the
draining down
against the soul

words seeping
from the texture of
the dreams
the nascent hair
of one pure arm
and a wrist
silvered encircled
a distant planets
ring in the haze

"he's awake...
i know he is.."

the moon

I swim

Editing stage: 


I feel I've been captured and released
into another state of being

and I loved it

nothing obtuse...just a run on words
the landscape of the far.....

actually been here
this is just a nice version of things...

there are many others....

I was and still am using this as an anti alcohol
but people use this to lose weight too

Antibuse is too wild to use anymore
cant get it....

lengths to this excape

just staying away from this today

love that you understand these forays
into the states of being...

Thank You

author comment

why I can't follow the epicuril ones
bland mind
unknowing of distant lands


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