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love is but a contamination of the soul

what bodes love’s cheerful glee?
if in passion’s parlour lay,
deftly from lover’s eyes obscured
the dismal residue of reverie’s decay
why so serene love’s panting spell
that lights the eyes of mortal beings?
till heavenly sweet their blessed dream,
unchallenged through the darkness beam,
and on their cheeks the rosy blaze
of blooming peace sublimely mirrors
the purer zeal thy raptured hearts arrest
love is but a contamination of the soul
while o’er the placid look unmoved,
the grin that tells the naked truth:
thou art but nature’s lovelorn child!

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Smooth aren't ya !!!

It's not very often that I see this style done
quite this well,



thanx for posting

author comment

Damn near a sonnet. Even in construct, alas, one extra line. It doesn't matter.
I do appreciate the use of a seemingly traditional style with free-floating yet effective meter.

No suggestions, sorry.

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author comment
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