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misconstrued values

if yet the human mind, beguiled,
afford, so bemired, an act of immorality
the quest for equitable credence is riled
by the total disregard for mortality

if nature’s mould, uncontrived,
conformed to the waiting womb,
so cavalierly and deviously be deprived
of its existence in the worldly dome

should my existence be regarded as incestuous
allow not the misdeed be mediated
and reconciled to omit the unrighteous
conduct of my conspicuously associated

if being birthed was optional and courteously
validated by the misconstrued values of mankind,
still, we in our minds behold, raunchily,
the ancestral cogitation of the demagogic mind

if termination be the final decree,
behold the forever contaminated essence
of being, subjected to humanity’s reeling degree
of objectivity and lacklustre presence

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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But they are bloody well worth waiting for.
I love the masterful wordcraftery and significant content of this, mate.
Sorry, I can offer no useful crit.

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author comment

I perceive this poem as having been written so as to be interpreted as having many meanings, whatever the reader perceives. I see it as a protest against abortion and well done.....stan

Observant Stan. Thnx for passing by.

author comment
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