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the darkness dims the day
till its shadows fail to stay
it helplessly compel
night's black and sullen spell

in the thick of midnight's fold
and with uneasiness behold
the dread of the then reality
came to cloud the placidity

as the actualization upon
the people of colour dourly dawn
their fate unequivocally in the lily-white hand
whom henceforth them shall represent

the days turned into sour years
branded by spite and random fears
the ripples on the surface wage
to high tides of stifled rage

many were imprisoned killed and marred
forced to carry passbooks pissed upon and barred
the anger steadily rose till it flooded and turned
into a rampant river that roiled and churned

the flames immersed the soil
while the anger bulged to boil
the country vertiginously staggered
till it ultimately ran ragged

the outburst that seized the land
with emotions thirstily fanned
held hostage the affections of many
for the bravery that bordered the uncanny

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


add an s to compel
that is the only suggestion I have for a very powerful write it stands on it's own merits


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