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were we ever found
the distraught moments
our voices climbed
like boxing kangeroos
this walk about I wander
away from your oasis
quiet now out here on
the red oxide dreamtime
beneath the sombre gum
tree shadow
the gaze of the shy dingo
the thought of you tugs
my heart for a second
and then you are gone
lost like the ghosts we are

Editing stage: 


or we cleared trails our packs and fuel cans saws
moving steady and stopping for lunch by a creek
at a dam The heat the ciccadas that angel light
that falls through the canopy in the mists
and the vivid details still remaining like the lunch
at mid point a sky so blue

thank you Lonnie

author comment

and we were always tenacious with
our wordplay
like a favoured drug
we spun our tales
and sat breathless
when the letters arrive

sometimes you dont know
how badly you love someone
until theres a break
a seperation

thats what a muse is
for loving the heart
and letting it live
when your hope
is almost faded

breaking all the rules
crashing down
when they walk away

never knowing if they
will return

author comment

All I can say about this poem is this; that I was lost while reading, but I finally found the point of the whole verse. That we are all lost.

Besides that, it was a bit difficult for me to read. I'v got issues with punctuation. Esker, can you help me out?

No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

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