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the room sighs
like the stillness
crossed legs
dreaming thighs

in the drum
the river turns
the night swims
the stars fire beneath
a sheild of ghosts

i was a grassland once
pressed into the earth
with the naked spine or reason
throughout the remaining dance
the flames wandered
like birds hunting
singing a great height

i was a dream that enhanced
a pyre
a thrust of an ideal
honing a keen edge
on fulcrums of ideals

this thick day arriving
in its blanket damp
a thirst centred
a desire hunched
working its potent

on a cloak the vision
of winter dared
the earth was dark
at the curve of your
your eyes were hot
with light
like bands of hewn
sewn as fixtures
restless and alive
even in a rest

as your emergence
was from another
another year
a tomorrow
a yesterday
a hungry sleep murmur
caught upon the tender
flesh of lip
like a bird in the traps

and above
the storm like a bruise
fell across your waist
drawn in
and not even the village
dogs would follow

your shadow
was timid
and hot
when it fell across
you awoke me
appearing in my
and when my eyes opened
it was if you had taken
and this great fear
like lightning
spoke like a
great sound

i was frightened
i was excited
never knowing
it was you
whom had
already been
to be


Editing stage: 


A swirl of motion, scenes flowing, folding, then stretching out.
A dream state maybe but reality of feelings embedded in the day.
Yesterday today and then will tomorrow be the same.
Just a dream, did she need to leave or did she never arrive, sorry can't get away from the dream.
But loved the flow
Yours Ian.T
Just a couple of bits:-

it was (AS) if you had taken
shield is spelt Shield.
See nothing but tiny things as usual..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Incredible.The images as i read this were so enticing, demanding i follow and keep on reading. I have said before and i'll say again you are unique in the way you write poetry, i don't always understand but i always read your poems. Regards Roscoe...

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

been to hell and back last while
never admitting i was there
like a watcher poised
on a branch
the fly on the wall
everyone gathered in the kitchen

i ate chicken catiatorre and my
world fell in
and fell up
and fell down

i was dead alive
and never found

and im here
more me
then ever
there shall

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