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cedar arms
drinking in the reflections
the cruel cold of spring
poured down the mountains
running beneath the arch
full of sun
and shade

the green pools of
rooftops throwing
like petals rising
in empty lots
a face of greeting

curio girl
jewel amber iris
your depths
shine from windowpanes
full of bars and goods
your delicate hand
with change from
a till
handling auras and
ghosts in possessions
and dreams

my rings pulled from
my fingers warm
you place them in
their plastic sheath
with name and date
and place them in the

your enriched smile
keeps me coming

like safekeeping
beneath dark blue skies
our water sliding away
and the sun
the sun is warm
like a voice

Editing stage: 


crave for nature intermingles with true love both for poetry and the subject in question,

your enriched smile
keeps me coming


It comes together so precisely and naturally that it is astounding! Your works are always a triumph of imaginative themes and vivid scenarios that draw your readers in and keep them enthralled!

pulling me from rabbit holes
and enlarging me to face the fears
knocking the prat holding the front to many
perhaps im not the illusion i had
presumed to be,,,,there is substance
in the divine logic of wind

the flow about exertions of deceptions
then to cleave with the clumsy ignorance
is the semi automatic steps towards
a brilliant focus....she is indeed real
the lake is a block south full of tinged
light.....the city is old and modern
kempt and moving....

maybe i can be happy.....the deft

of this zeal is here ...

author comment
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