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It ticks like a clock
But a clock it is not
It beats like a drum
Till the rhythm is done
It cries like a child
For what went before
It all starts to happen
With a knock on the door
It swims like a fish
Lying grilled on your plate
It shouts like a boss
When you’re once again late
It sends you a smile
Wrapped up in a frown
It says to look up
When you have to look down
It does make a sound
When alone in the wood
It sometimes says no
When it’s clear that it should
It’s clever and facile
Both big and yet small
You’re feeling quite jaded
But loving it all
It’s friendly and angry
It’s gaudy and plain
It’s like an umbrella
You use in the rain
It’s funny and scary
All at the same time
You can keep yours
And I will keep mine
Its white and its yellow
Its brown and its black
It waves you goodbye
Then welcomes you back
Its high days and low days
It’s come to bed eyes
Its wisdom and knowledge
And end of day sighs
It loves you it hates you
It changes its mind
It ticks like a clock
When it’s stealing your time
Its deep and its shallow
Without simply a care
Its sits here and laughs
Then it cries over there
It writes down on paper
Your needs your desires
It watches them burn
On emotional fires
It needs you then leaves you
Alone with your dreams
Confused and conflicted
Well that’s how it seems
It walks and it crawls
It slips and it slides
It stands in the open
While trying to hide
It answers with questions
With truth built on lies
It’s full of enigmas
And to many whys
It likes you it doesn’t
It’s wrapped up and not
It doesn’t want anything
But takes what you’ve got
It’s born and it’s timeless
And distant but near
Life is the subject
I’m writing on here

Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
Life diluted over a cup of coffee, when the sun slept and the moon provided shadows for company
Editing stage: 


Love the theme and i like the poem with a little crit, to many it's for me. I would prefer the lines in the verses flow like so. Regards Roscoe...
It swims like a fish
lying grilled on your plate
shouts out like a boss
when your once again late
It sends you a smile
wrapped up in a frown
then says to look up
when you have to look down.

Roscoe Llane,

Religion will rip your faith off, and return
for the mask of disbelief that's left.

Aside from the little things, like missing an apostrophe, another [o] in too, and an extra syllable here and there, I found this most refreshing. It has truth without being maudiln and too sober. ~ Geezer

There is value to commenting and critique, tell us how you feel about our work.
This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place.

frankly the poem doesnt;t live up to it.
Good otherwise.

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I think I have a useless certificate in IT, but you have excelled yourself here with far too many IT's. Apart from the beauty of having my initials as IT I sometimes get tired of that also..
The theme cannot be condensed as it would become the seven ages of man as Jess says, there are many things out there that need writing about in his sort of way of saying.
I wait for some unusual pieces from you, Yours Sparrow..

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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