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A crown of thorns

What is this blood that fills my eyes?
Till blind I cannot see
a crown of thorns upon my head
That’s pressing down on me
Iron nails through shattered bones
Pinned to a cross of wood
My heart feels oh so heavy
As only a Christian’s could

A kiss on the cheek betrayal
I knew it came and then
My poor disciple as dawn rose
Denied me again and again
The trial the people Pilate
How sad as he washed his hands
And a sinner they called Barabbas
Began to make other plans

The sun is so hot I feel weary
There’s silence below in the crowd
The kingdom of god awaits me
As the old blacksmith’s anvil rings loud
Another poor soul persecuted
As nail, wood, and flesh become one
I look at the crowd down below me
Oh father, where did they go wrong

Now sobbing I hear not too distant
Oh mother it cannot be you
Please go from this place it is evil
For they know not what they do
My days as a carpenter over
For soon I am destined to go
Oh father, why do you forsake me
I’m frightened but think that you know

Silence now, eyes feel so heavy
I raise my head high one last time
Don’t weep for my passing its written
That I go to a place that’s divine
Please father oh father release me
I’m tired and like man feel the pain
The anguish the torment the suffering
All rolled into one they’re the same

Now whispers and laughter below me
Come forth then oh king of the Jews
If you are what you say then it’s simple
You can step down whenever you choose
You are thirsty then drink king of kings
Of this sponge be it vinegar wine
Soldier your lance pass it to me
Come carpenter now it is time

From stable to temple and garden
To this cross where I hang on a hill
And the short time I have now left me
My mind with its memories will fill
For the sins of mankind are upon me
In my heart one last tear left to cry
Oh father I pray you receive me
To live I must finally die

Review Request (Direction): 
How does this theme appeal to you?
Last few words: 
Difficult subject and therefore a challenge and we like challenges dont we.
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A story to behold the suffering of Jesus, well written and flowed well.
I am picky today but the line:- As only a Christian’s could..
I am not sure if there were any Christian's until a time way after his death.
Just a point of reference not sure what you can say there.
"As my Father said I would" could be put there ???
There are so many people that are exact in these things and will take each word to heart as it is their base belief..
A very awkward subject to write about, but keep writing as I know you will..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

well observed the christian religion didnt evolve until after his death.
An honest but critical mistake i will resolve

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