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The land of the dead

A casual conversation                       Casual yet confronting

He was upfront                                  While she hid behind broken words

He gave his blood                             And she gave her silence


While the sun hid behind the moon


His voice rang like a battle cry throughout the heavens

While she spoke only with an air of nonchalance


Overreaction was always unattractive my dear

Don’t talk about attraction for your heart is cold

My heart is true, stop being dramatic


and if the mockingbird that inhabits the corner hedges

lifts its head in the dawn and sings

then all will be true and all will be good


Heartless                                            Realistic

Cold                                                    True


And the bushes lay silent

Editing stage: 


thinking of him
one of the great loves
Romeo and Cleopatra
Joan and God
Maude and Harold


Like much the way this is put together
explorations in Love in the ruins
or amongst the moving rush of
societal trafficking is always
an approach with many perspectives
thoughts etc

And its best to have been in love
Something of which I can say I have
had a few great ones
with much memorable women
of character..standing...and mystery

Like the Doppler affect the way it goes
and its passing

but much it leaves for creative
drive..the fire..etc...

Thank You very much!

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