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The Alex Jones Show Ft. 20 Dead Kids.

The Alex Jones Show Ft. 20 Dead Kids.

Should’ve kept chasing lizards
the faceless unknown
not dug your fingernails
blood deep in this.
Now they’re coming to take you and they deserve
every penny you’re worth.

Told the courts,
“It’s just acting, a small silly show.”
But monologues made ripples turned tidal waves
come crashing against the fractured souls
forced to bury their hope beneath earth.

And I had hoped to believe in some unearthed goodness
you came off unhinged but other times fine
echos of possible, distant sincerity
of hope, of goodness, of light.
But you ripped that all up
with the sickening spit
shot pitilessly at the helpless.

Their names were Caroline, James, Lucy, Charlotte and Emile.


This was never your truth to deny.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I've been playing around recently with poems as a response to news articles or world events that resonate with me. This piece came from reading an article about Alex Jones being sued by the parents of Sandy Hook victims for slander. I had seen him previously on the Joe Rogan Show and while I stand in complete disagreement with many of his political views, he didn't come across as malevolent or scheming. But the things he said about Sandy Hook, and the effects they had (parents receiving death threats, long-term harassment) were disgusting and unforgivable. I guess this poem tries to broach some of that. Thanks for reading, Nick.
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I guess I have been away from the UK too long, so I don't know precisely what the poem is getting at (though it does give me some indication that it must be about the TV personality and something he was doing to/with children). Otherwise, seems to make its point.

His unbelievable arrogance in a public forum to me adds up to a hate crime. Lock him up!
Not sure who to despise more- him or the two million people who daily listen to him, (and believe him.)

I understand the need to write these types of poems, I do too...but we are preaching to the choir.
There is a thin line between all topical/political poems with propaganda. You have put yourself in the poem which is good, rather than a public stance most these poems take.

l Don't think there are too many Jones fans around these poetry sites. As far as reaching his audience, it's easier to convince a dog to speak in French.
Remember that 26% of the US cannot say for sure the earth revolves around the sun. A stunning survey by a prominent US science group. one in four. No wonder this asshole has an audience.



I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

and look forward to catching up with your works I've missed.

But this creep is not worthy of your efforts.

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liked this. It has that idealistic lifeforce in it.

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