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l o v e..b y ..f l a g r e n t .. s u i c i d e ..

tried these violent needs
anticipation of affect
the rage the dark
that raises like the voices

deep into waves of great anticipation
the voice murmurs
catch words throttled out
choked on dryness
and trembling legs
the twitching middle

the hitching heart
in tides
while shadows
of sun on the edge
stray ribbons of
across the white
sand madness

reconcile a want
so wide
like a dance
that soothes
from inside

waiting for the hands
upon the side
the hips
the throat
the front
the middle

waiting for the words
to suffuse
and raise above
the head
like little waves
and swim
below in the

and hated

a bliss
upon the salted lip
and bruised hip


Editing stage: 


her bangs
the color of black beauty
covered the left eye
(blue - no, green - no, blue and green)
and a portion of her lips
painted purple
rarely curled in happiness
quivered "good-bye"
as milky white skin
holds in the reasons

and I need
for her to need

but that key has been tossed
deep into the abyss
of whatever assailed her
and spat out
a stone heart
and a used razor blade


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