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A L A H L o i

pools of light
we rush the streets
composed of an Autumn
Atlantic greyed

Sipping the sin
parched with the thirst
Fever scorned
on color cheeks
and dazzle eyes

Steady the bus hum
turn turn turn
tall canyon window
sheets of light
bathe you
poised supine
tossed thought
depth reverie
stubs tickets
and cans
in its swaying
and wanton
the decadence
of desire

plush hesitant
the fall cascade
of eyes
like a forest
touched with
the frosts first

Above the skin
of clouds
hide the bones
of afternoon
like shore herds
down there the
waves lunge
dark like the
shadows flicker
licks of licorise

Ampules of
the intricate
of workings
in an amber

dry whisk
the doors
gush open
your legs
to the street
and spice

the naked
of lights
and towers
hot with
dusks gold

riding into
riding towards

call you
you're bored


Editing stage: 


imagery sublime and i like the rhythm ... very exclusive , lovely poet.

It was your descriptive works that got me working more
in descript building blocks or puzzle pieces
the riddle of words and art is to construct something

usually the most prevalent is the basic structure
I.E. a building.a house...basement
pilings slab..walls..second floor if needed..roof

these I helped build over the years
log home too...
except stone..
concrete was interesting

modern existensialism
jagged strange conceptual things
I see here and there

if poetry was a home they are
different and strange homes to
live wander and rest in

which is why I like them
urban ruins I like too
structure is motive when
purpose is removed

maybe why "Ballad of Sam McGee"
lives on

Great thing is that works
and sometimes the more
avante garde at times...

Thank You!

author comment
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