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L A C I S T E R * I N C E P T I N G E R

the simple fragrance
shorn of love
licked clean by the winds
the emerald circue
of a cache phrase

ribbons of pleasure
like flails of midnight
the chilled brilliance
of a heel in a hallway

nerve capacitor fills
rising like a barrel
a narcotic twitch
the silken arm brush
of an enamel frame
the yellow bulb of a
lost age
throwing light on
the little staged

synapse of sense
align and the quick
snap jump shunt of
power sparks the
rebellion dogs alive

tender is the silver of
winter against the glass
aching like dust on
caress ghosts lounged
their lost eyes basking
in subdued longing
and the traffic lights
shimmer and change
in their hurdy gusts
neath plumes and rivers

like the ede of a mouth
bolder the pulse full
moth wings pursuing
a moon..

Editing stage: 


faster in composing
than others understanding ....obviously I am the first bloke the spoke

thus lie ur poetrys
in waiting
so only I come helping
without understanding


the speak......Loved you understand....
a gift that is certian
of words...the calamity and beauty of thoughts
and language

thank you

and i enjoy your wit incredibly well
it brings humor to me and a smile..

thank you

author comment
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