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happy fall
my long walk
rail yard bridge
the cars on the
tracks as small
as the ones
large and
swift on
the blacktop

crisp air cool
with its sheen
white birds
cutting the sky
white clouds
so clean

Step from the
with style
dyed dark
cropped hair
with your best
drop dead
little voice
asking for
a smoke

pearl white
your smile
the shade
like the last

we stand
draped in
the cold
sun and
light our


Editing stage: 


attention to details..
a lot of my muses
were all over the place
Probably like me...
not polished at all
but liking the look..
a level of depth
and vanity
that settles on the
insanity of those

this girl existed
was very nice
some people for a look
like you read a poem
or a book
I remember long after

Ive been to coffee shoppes
with people and spent much
time in conversation with
people..I have a very decent
voice...articulated and book
smart...lousy attention span

and Ive been around a lot
of women from all walks
and levels and worked with
a lot of men..same

i have zero luck in love
same with gambling
id be too busy living
it up then walking about
handing out smokes

ha ha..

stumbled in the middle
of this and edited it
proud of myself

need a smoke
its freezing cold
and beautiful out
here tonight..

author comment

I think those walks give you lot's of inspiration.
I don't walk much and my surrounding is not
inspirational at all. All around the sun is blocked
with the skyscrapers or towers. Rarely we see the moon
or the stars. Civilization is sometimes a curse, isn't it?
Much enjoyed especially
Step from the
with style
dyed dark
cropped hair
with your best
drop dead
little voice
asking for
a smoke

It is exactly what we are supposed to do. Well! however I am not asking
for a cigarette :)

Thank you Steve.

The title too is catchy in a way. I know you know it is "crimson" not "Krimson" :)


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

Follow me

Mais Oui!

and no Gitanes
Mais Si

Grooming with more socially
alert and giving hearts I share even

I had grown cold like many
sweetheart or beast
a smile
the energy of that
encounter as it


we have a sky
and Im glad
I love it
study it
never tiring
like the city too
further in its
structured heart
the tall cells
and valves
maze intricacy
the stars must
look down
like the moon
to see me there

search engines
I love one syllable
and its a horrible
simplistic change

But Krimp
one does this to smokes
saved in pockets
to save money
and one does not
share those
private and intimate
not formal
open pack
so the K still
in my head
and has meaning

french and german
words built the back
of the english that
made it to the
new world
how I love the origins
and latin of course
spanish etc...

I should just spell it Crimson
there would be nothing wrong
with that title
but then

that would not be Eskerish
of me!!

Thank you Rula Y.H.! :)

author comment
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