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ENGAGE this day
jump to the day
large wide eye
heart beat jazz
the radio blaring out its sunny cheeze
and tear away the crumpled sheets
awake the car and roll the streets

hot splash of sunshine
falling behind the dark
rimmed ovals
sharp rays
dark shadows

and morn at the sky edge
over rooftops and trees
of an urban gathering
past slgns slipping
overhead like great
message wings
the storm dark
and brooding
from an atlantic
ocean watch
like the memory
of a dream swatch

tapping the wheel
and pumping the heel
in the rush
and the parking crush
with colors of
the potent season
of arriving blossoms
city canyons and
carts feeding walkers
and talkers
and the gospel tract

waking up
with the memory
of the quick kiss
when the sun comes
and all the vampires
of the new world empire
wake up
to the clubs
and crawls
the strut and
tall gleaming watchtowers
full of light and low level

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interesting take of the twenty-four hour period in one's life in the city.
I sometimes wonder if we aren't two different species. The day-time and the night-time people.
~ Gee

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