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Jailed in an uncompleted building

Hunger pangs shoving us,
Screaming jail: bandists' verdict.
They have stolen our bail bonds;
Same politicians!
None to set us free.

Convicted in Kankara,
Jailed in Kagara by the bandits;
Hammering our innocence away.

We look to the cactus for a respite;
Not even the rocky hills could lend
A pitying glance our way.
So fiendish are the paths that carpet the thick forest.
Streams we passed chorused in lullabies,
Drawn from plated epitaphs.

Chefs from a sacred tribe
Hold forth in all facets of country.
Their cooked broths choking us to death:

That man and country all clamped in jail,
Face to face facing each other's folly,
In this uncompleted building now our jail.
And think of coming out of water with fire on our backs,
Will it be extinguished by colonial chefs
Who flagged off this uncompleted building?

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Strong title and powerful words. My thoughts are with you.

Many thanks Lavender!

author comment

I feel your pain, and the horror is well explained in this piece. The issue of banditry and kidnapping by Fulanis has taken over the soul of Nigeria and needs to be routed by a certain mechanism of force. Thanks for sharing.

Bathe yourself with poetry and let the world go to pieces.

Thanks Chima. The horrors we see each day here is despicable. I keep wondering how we got here and when we will exit the 'trauma'!

Nice close line you have!

author comment

Dear Teddy, I feel elated that this poem appeals to you and all who comes across it. Most delighted with your deep appreciation.

I employ your kind request and will keep sharing my thoughts to us all.

Thank you.

author comment
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