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'''''''j u l e'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

portent suffer
patterns diviner
a swan neck wrist
exposing downed
flank flesh
raised arm trailing
surf clouds
clouds of burgundy
parted by the
bourgeois amusement
peach and cream teeth

the sun laps shores of
dusk and amber

a scar trodden down
one arm
and dipped into the
wind kept whirl
while an emotion of
traffic seethes past
a flourish of green
the rotting chain link
a vertebrae posture

averted apostrophes

burgundy cessation
like a roaming halo
a loner angel


Editing stage: 


Maybe it's late and I can't quite wrap my words around you tongue twisting . Read it out loud or Ill
try again myself. Will do my best your word's are music I keep lo the poem!


A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Lori old school from nineties and eminem
closest i can relate too was from Blondie
Autoamerica album...speaking the lyrics
that fast is like an auctioneer....real hip
speak from the late forties mid fifties
fast knowing the nato alphabet
or a different language....

putting down words that flow and have an
associative word mind eye vision is hard
Doors music was similar..
loved that stuff and most modern music..

i still cant spell rime but i try..

working on paintings..
no time for further work for awhile here..
thank you

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