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if we have each other

We were 15 and just trying to be cool
Logos prep academy is where we go to school
Going to our soccer practice and just trying to survive
we were clinging to the fact that we were finally alive
but at home, my parents always fought
filling up our house with unkind and dirty thoughts
I would sit alone in bed just wishing for a friend
then I met Abigail and never did again
now ill never be alone
have a hand to hold
and when nights are cold
ill say
the world's not perfect
but it's not that bad
if we got each other and that's all we have
I will be your bestie and ill shake your hand
you should know ill be there for you
when Hannah seems perfect, when Hannah seems kind
if you just look through her, she's not alright
I'll be your bestie and ill cheer you up
you should know Chip is there for you

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this is based off of a song called if we have each other by alec benjamen its a christmas present for my friend abby if there is anything i can add or change please tell me its supposed to be sweet and funny some stuff in it are inside jokes so those need to stay but listen to the song and you'll see the melody im going for im going to play the instrumental and sing it it already fits as ive tried it a couple times before, but i want any advice as this is an important thing for me
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that I can relate to the sentiments you outlined here, but I can appreciate what a good friend means to people I have known. I believe your friend is fortunate to know you and I appreciate having the opportunity to read and comment on some of your recent work.



. like my lost dreams...the flood

awwww that really made my day!!
i know im sooo excited to show it to her, but i have to wait till Christmas
i also have to record it and then put it on disc for her
im soooo excited, thanks so much for your input!!


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