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L Absynthe

a light shones upon thee
the translucent ear
the plump cheekbone
rounded and thrust out
Heart Shaped
the fine dew hairs
and shinning
strands reaching
down the supple
swerve to hips

Grandmothers tea
A time of Vampires
and electricity
and Hypnosis

Rasp magnesium
rounded spring loaded
the flare pop in
inscence providence
and french linen
romper skye blue
wear withall

Favourite calf leather
size small waist
brass circlet bucklet
pressing deep
the blood river
above the
left limbed joint

An ember jewel
fires on Deco
and my Ballerina
Hummingbird Halo
sinks her slender
hot stainless

I can look into
her beautiful pale
green eyes
the black pupils
sucking in my soul

the moist breath
upon cold chest
shirt open
broken Lazy Boy
like a shaggy
dental chair
cross cowgirl
a sharp little
elbow upon
my rib

We are sliding
down the glacier
the cold wind
the Fire

Five shots
save the sixth
for the ghosts

her pale skin
her warmth

we rush
breaking free
of all the

the light
takes me


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author comment

put forth such images, that I can see them as though I were there. You touch the empathy of my being. There is nothing better than a wordsmith of your caliber! Even the mistakes of spelling do not diminish the light you shine on the condition of the soul of us, [mankind]. I hope that you realize what gift you have and continue to shine on us all. ~ Gee

Our Chatroom is open 24/7 Feel free to use it for
keeping in touch We have poets around the world and it is fun
to have real-time conversations with those that are up
all night or on the other side of the world.

I misspell like a fault in the system
The midwest natives in their drug weaving
and pottery designs have an exit or entrance
depending on trickster stories....
I am superstitious
underneath it all..

Why I did not get sucked into Heroin
or Cocaine use is beyond me
the others I flirted with
and the regular struggle with
the most destructive forces
haunts me still..
simplicity is the easiest escape
towards that of the end
or the beginning
all with that step..


The text of fairytale
and little bible wth its
color plates and then
the Large music sheets
of b iblical music
complete with black
and white etchings
were clear...vivid
magical..the lighting
and dramatic scenes
I remember now..
forgetting the past
forgot the hymn book..
My mother could play
a father had
a slide guitar that
pre dated us from
his childhood...He could
draw also but gave most
of that up when his family
came along...He kept
his harmonica...

They read these stories
too us at bedtime
and I went to Sunday School
which I enjoyed while my
parents were upstairs with
all the others..

We got indoctrinated with
young teachers minds
who brought much film to
the classroom...National Film
Board of Canada was very
creative at the end of the
sixties and early seventies
as it had been from the
fifties when Television took
over from Radio... So the
love of media was extensively
welcomed and encouraged
...When our sisters ended
reading and mother and father
my brother and I had comix
books and Graphic kids comix
from england....Fortnight papers
Tin Tin and all the others..
Storylines...basic storyboards
and the Sunday Funnies were
full page...well drawn...
Lil Abner...Dick Tracey..I think
even the Katzenjammers were
still going..Dagwood and Blondie
etc etc..

My brother and I would make up
our own stories then....Later on
he took art in high school a year
younger then I and did well..
Producing more finished works
with little imperfections then I..
a year ahead..
He did a series of comix also
that were very creative for a year
concerning the antics of his
friends and the high school principal
whom they were always being called
before but whom was a pal of our

He was typing stories too for a time
on the typewriter...Form style vignettes
(e.g.) "My brother has gotten his head
stuck in a tuba from band....While we are
figuring a way to free him unharmed I
have to feed him spaghetti! "etc etc

Today he crafts scultps in wood and bone
and makes native drums rattles etc..
installation peices which his friends enjoy.

I know personaly four other artists whom
are doing well commercially..enough to
have some coin more then I..

Im not into the money....
I dont trust I dont trust
many many many things

like having co pilots in life..
I get a kick out of my women
I pick the brightest and most
challenging..the most hardcore
Like trying to own a Falcon
with no falconry skills
A wolf instead of a dog
A princess to serve
that is driven as Joan of
Arc to claim her kingdom
and kings
while serving the queen

Everyone has heard the
stories right...
how often do we get to hear
something told so different
or in a way that is new
Like a facet or color seldom

Like your paintings!!

Must be getting going..
Resumes to put in today
minus 28 o Celcuis here
sun shinning..I have to walk..
but its good....Exercise..
time to think about things
nature along the way.
The hiss of the little ski
hill making snow for the
alpha's with money

Oh about THIS poem
I almost did come close
to shooting up heroin!
I would have gotten my
kit from the clinic..
we have needle boxes
everywhere up here
and its pretty clean..
There is this uncanny
responsibility people
have....If they are allowed
to exist...broken and other

the sad broken chap who
was bright and talented
shot his head away with
a thirty thirty....
the other little one whom
was pretty and vivacious
so anywhere..

No one likes addiction
or obsession stories
and some of the best poets
whom were publishing and
writing rose up in fame
and were consumed with
the ghosts of insecurity
and shame..rejection..
critical pressures and
collapsed unto their
house of cards
After making it!

I am extrememly Grateful
Brother that we see equal
on the love of the story
and have shared our
stories enough in
different countries
and same continent
to be of the heart
of the writer..

Thank You Sir!

Mr Esker!

author comment
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