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I opened my eyes

It was with love that my today started out,
and it made such a difference to all things.
The sunrise was the loveliest one I had ever seen,
as it came with the new dawn

The dawn chorus filled the air,
where all the birds seemed to sing, just for me.
There was a flower that had been struggling
just outside my window. It burst open for me today;
it was the loveliest flower I had ever seen.

I heard the children stir in their beds,
as they started a new day with me.
I felt the cool of the morning air,
as it greeted a new day, it seemed to whisper.

“Just for you”.

Even the creak of the doors,
as we moved out into the new day,
Creaking it seemed to say,
“It is now and you are here”.

The laughter of a child along the road,
Spoke to me in its simplicity.
The smiles they gave without reason,
taught me that things were happy here.

It was their now, as it is yours,
I heard whispering in my mind.
The sun, as the first sun, felt wonderful.

A voice called and said hello!
It was then I became a part of another’s day.
I smiled and greeted them, as if my own,
this was the now I so loved,

This was the now I had forgotten until today,
as I started out with the rest of my life.
It was hard before, in my yesterdays,
that was my problem.

I did dwell in those times too long,
I could not see around me.
It made me blind to all things.

Why do you think that today, of all day’s,
was so wonderful for me and mine.
It came from a talk that I had,
with one of my children the evening before.

During the talk she looked up and said to me.
“Mummy when you are looking at things,
do you see them differently than I”?

Ian T

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What did you think of my title?
How does this theme appeal to you?
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A nice poem of inflection where you show much of yourself in the narrative. Very pleasing.


The most powerful reaction
of mind on mind
is transference of sight

Thanks for your visit, I hope I showed the good side lol
Take care out there, Yours, Ian. T.

Words can build a nation

author comment

to accept each day as the most wonderful day of my life. Sometimes, it is hard to look at it that way, but then... I read something that you have written and I see with new eyes. Just a couple of little crits.
1]. [spoke] to me, in it's simplicity
2] dwell in those times, [too] long
~ Geezer.

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Thanks for your visit, I haven't been writing much of late even this one is from a while back, but it never losses its message.
Hope you and yours are keeping safe..
I have as suggested edited those two words thank you.
Yours as always, Ian ..

Words can build a nation

author comment
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