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Happy Holiday Offends Me

you maybe politely correct
to say happy holiday
but if you can't detect
the error of your way

you may feel a back lash
because leaving out the reason
and my beliefs, you bash
trying to take over the season

you try to rename it
and to redefine
but I'll reclaim it
that which is mine

this is my time of the year
you have your own
if you think I want to hear
greetings with Christ gone

your happy holiday offends me
I'll take my business else where
my God and Country are still free
and most people try to be fair

I'm not trying to offend any one
we each have our own holiday
when everything is said and done
you will still hear me say


copyright 12-22-10 huey horton (hippiepoet69)

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Yes I'm serious. I respect other beleals and views. If other people don't do Chritmas. That's perfectly OK with me. But when they try to highjack my holidays and make it generic. That's not OK. Here in the US. Should we change all the holidays on the calinder just to read "Holiday" And forget why we have it. And just party down. There's a reason for the season to me and many others. When I was in school we had prayers and spanking in school but no shootings. When the left bans Christ, what is left. I don't mean to offend anyone. but what about me and the others on the right. If you do Christmas. Merry Christmas. If not, no offence. Take Care. huey
PS I'll be gone a few days so may not reply to other comments for a few days

author comment

I have had problems with " political correctness " since I first realized what it means............stan

I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas. I did. It's funny how respecting other people rights. Means giving up ours. The intolerent say we have to be more tolerent to other's beliefs. While they disrespect ours. Go figure. Now I still start on Happy New Year. And may you prosper in it. Take Care. huey

author comment

Excuse me for butting in. But *Happy Holidays* in America now means much ado about nothing...all but forgetting the reason for the season. (When did Holy Day become a Holiday?)

It is consumerism at its worst, and thinking some change donations in the red kettle will effect any change in the way we treat one another. Besides I have seen the worst in the perfunctory-ness of many family get-togethers, in parties that bosses give where the employees pay for the *holiday* shingdig...

I'll stop now and like you say: Happy Holidays. A *celebration* for different folks for different reasons.


As far as what I've read about the roots of Christianity and how Christmas came to be - it's actually a holiday that adopted pagan rituals and sprinkled in some Christian meaning. You can thank Constantine for that since he had mandated that Christianity was going to be the official religion of Rome - Christmas is held during the time of year that used to be Saturnalia, which was a Roman holiday. Also, the Christmas tree has pagan roots as well - as does mistletoe. So really - it's Christianity that hijacked everyone else's religious practices and made them part of their own. Also, Easter is the name of a pagan goddess - when the Holy Roman church was trying to bring in more converts they also allowed the pagan practices in the door on that one - only the people loved their goddess so much they wouldn't allow the name of the holiday to be changed.

Happy Holidays is a nice way to wish someone a good holiday whatever their religion is. Christians seem to be the only ones who get upset about it for some mysterious reason - have you ever stopped to think that a Jew might be offended by you saying Merry Christmas while you totally disregard their holiday?

It is such a secret place, the land of tears. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I do not begrudge the Muslims their holy days.
I do not begrudge the Jewish their holy days
I do not begrudge the Pagans their holy days
I do not begrudge the Atheists their religion (and yes it fits the criteria of religion and court cases have sided with it being a religion)

Why should they begrudge ours?

Live and let live. Celebrate yours, I'll celebrate mine. Merry Christmas!

"If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed. " Ben Franklin

I hope you and the family had a Merry Christmas as well and I so agree with your comment almost like a poem story. Keep warm Florida is freezing. Football in snow this year I can see it now

Buon Natale ( It means Merry Christmas in Italian:)
To you too my friend Hippie Poet

Why in the world would anyone be offended by
another human being offering a wish for happiness?

have a Merry Christmas


USA = United States of the Affronted. One must be SOOOOO careful to not offend anybody ( except Christians, white males and Southerners ) it makes me sick............stan

I really don't think anybody meant any harm in wishing us/you a 'Happy holiday'.

As for Christmas, my understanding is:

Christmas is not Christmas at all. It is the Winter Solstice, a Pagan holy day observed around the world and since time imemorial from the Native American tribes, to the Norsemen, to the ancient Romans, and today by modern Pagans, Witches and Wiccans.


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With all that I am and all that I could be, I walk this earth, yet nobody sees me.

I say Merry Christmas I say Happy Holidays I say Happy Zwanza and so forth to all and anyone. I do not get myself worked up about anyones holiday or lack of and neither should you. You will see things on the news and just let it be that, you may see things in the paper, and just let that be that. You believe in Merry Christmas and so do I. While alot do not like it so be it. You can not change you to the likings of others just be merry and bright and enjoy what you wish and celebrate your holiday in your tradition.
The poem is good the way it is and I for one wish you and yours a Merry Christ Mas and a Very Happy New Year.

Love to you and snow man all over
Mona Magics
Kisses and hugs to you and the family

subverted by Chritians. It has absolutely nothing with the birth of Jesus. Celebrate it if you like, but it is a comlete travesty.

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