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epoch the boney trail
through smoulder rising
black rails

the honey happiness
shattered standing
spring awaits
calls to those last planning

a crew is gathered
the rebels scattered
the ragged soil of
their kit tattered
The preacher in
his black and cross
annoints the kneeling
captured lost

in the veil of clouds
translucent rays
shine as a sign
of the truthes
the brave
shine off his
worn weapon
for the souls he's
about too save


Editing stage: 


the only thing to fear is the mongers themselves

a lot of my friends play the playstation games
online pc games
I played Homefront...loved the Voice of Freedom
the characters kit they dressed in
and somewhat idolized and idealized ideals..

Grew up with science fiction in one stack and
western and crime in the other
falling back to comix when the latter become

movies were old westerns sci fi Rod Serling
Hitchcock etc
The new age romance of hero anti hero
ie "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" etc
have a new slant..a darker vein

Well the mongers be drumming up the
revolt to cover their own filth and dust..

Thank You!

author comment

A powerful write Steve
I really am captured by the endings of the third and fourth stanzas....
Well written, as usual
Love judy

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

Thank You Judy! I had thought I had answered this comment..
Another site I thought the same too but perhaps I had considered
something to say and had not...De ja vue anyway. This whole
long business of writing continues. At present rate Im posting to about five social media places I exist on...This is the only poem
place and what I consider my true writing place! Getting everything
to roll like notes pushed together is difficult...Lyrics and how they are sung lately fascinates accordance to beat in accompanying music the stresses rests etc. takes me forever..and as I say I know more people with more words at their disposable..however its same...only a few chords too many you use them...Thank you for the compliment on the endings of these.

Mr Esker!

author comment
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