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bloom blush
therin behind the bush
the ivy hyphen squads
in crushed per centage

a reddened ruse
up harsh stairs

beneath a scanned sky
and softened hush
a streaming instrument
of crime
sinks in its shallow stainless tray
while the girl in the gown
in sleeping frown
drifts dreamland realms
a gritty sky
the yellow nicotine teeth
combing dogs graves
and mongrel collar hues
the greasy fingers of
waste climb to heavens
floors and walk for you

cold corral in florrid tight
patterened ques
down nectar valleys
wingtips glinting
on spires of white gleaming

gamma gunner
cant see
the beauty of this blue
the splash of blood
on spring
the thorny rose of peace

Editing stage: 


o! i am a gam and the songs of a flying school

Wolf, I like the sounds this makes, like the hum in the sky
of the passing plane, or the jet starting up making patterns
across the sky of my mind, the meaning didn't get through
to me as well as this aspect, but nevertheless I enjoyed it's music.

Hoping al is well with you and yours, love Ann.

"The image of yourself which you see in a mirror Is dead,
but the reflection of the moon on water, lives." Kenzan.

am i dreaming....or am i a dream??

gamma...radiation...overhead some women
in the fancy coffee shop where the owner gives
me free coffee...when shes not there her pretty
staff that look like ballerinas...brunette ones..
in black serve me delicious a low grade
skid schooler and they are the elite intellectuals
talking of travel and in this case the not benifits of
radiation....thus gamma..and that movie
that paul newmans wife was in...he bought the script
for her..he loved her..canadian made..a classic..

its just a ramble of waking up from my dream
state here...the girls yeling my name to wake up..some chore
some business.....i get great poetry from this...
i wake up ready for anything half the time..
adrenalin and caffiene and pain killers for the age
the broken ol bones but nothing for the broken
man inside..poetry i became
i adopted its skin and wear it
marvelling at its complexities
its language..
its smell
and what it does when i put it on
..glad this one is a music oriented sound..
because if love music..
listening to shirley mansons number one crush
from the nineties romeo and juliette..
intense and her voice..this low rider
drive by tempo of love lust and the lost...

author comment

I'm only happy
when it rains

I would die for you
I would kill for you

A seamstress
of a songstress
writing and harmonizing

when others told her she was not of worth

I have always had a fondness for her words
and hope I always will

she is
a march to her own drum
a line I can only hope to step in time with


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