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......................G A R I S H .........

occult clouds stream
touched the vaults insidious hue
the candle tuft
twisted and black

Masters of vision
laid upon the tracks and dreamt
the shire horse run down
the hounds alive
amongst the birds of black

Awake in nights curled ache
the parking lot vacant stare
a shroud of fear creeping

Beneath the tender tallow night
the restless sleep talks restless
awake the hours crawling haste
the hot elleptic brilliant taste

Editing stage: 


Ahh Steven you never fail to take me there

the restless sleep talks restless - was that talks meant to be takes ?

loved the poem as always sigh

love JC x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Thanks for seeing this Jayne..I like your thinking!
No this is just steady run..I would think it exciting if I thought use Takes flight..stringing the two together like that..
but its just the steady short run of thought...
like chord played...restless sleep talks...
(I lived with many people who spoke aloud..they would wake me
and then I would be led off on a flight of thought myself before
falling back asleep)
My father would wake up and drink and talk to the cat and play
happy his harmonica for hours before falling asleep again from
the kitchen to the parents toom..he was never an angry drinker
or sad..always happy..we were lucky!

Like my poem I can look at the birds while drinking coffee
out the window and that thought rises like a wave
visually in my head..or like music
and then falls off....settles to be moved into a new thought
a new interest...and I write about this in poems or thoughts
but the two in my head are connected

like the old radio announcer dj days when they would
let one song blend into another in ending and beginning

see this is where punctuation would do but I dont think
in punctuation terms either
its just this stream this flow

it distracts me much..I wish I could just not be distracted
by thoughts and visual prompts
people just gave up
its so much I even talk to myself

I take meds
I used to use alcohol to just unhook from
it all but that didnt work

all the others who have this too are into Ti Chi
and yoga
but what do I do
sit in coffee shops the busiest places on the
most active corners
and zoom about on the mountian bike
getting into terrific shape
filling my head with more imagery
sounds smells experiences

the dog walk in the little woods by the highway
and tracks slows me down some
and reading here
writing here
is peaceful too

Thank You!

author comment

I settle into the calm of night its my refuge,
when everyones asleep
and all you can hear is the owls
and bats and cicadas and crickets
I sit and write with the headphones on
always write with music rarely do I write
without music

sitting next to the window wide open
I can smell the jasmine from the tree
across the road
off in the distance I can see the mountains
some nights we get a light show as storms
come at us from the south

its beautiful and breathtaking right in my backyard

hugs JC x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

when the family is awake Im always getting the call to run get this
mop the floor the kid always wanting to hang out talk run her errands
too and then she shares the treats with me and we talk of her school
her fun on dates concerns etc

dogs needing walks full time...

always in motion going up and down the three flights of stairs
if I had internet at the Motel..(they were too cheap to put a modem wireless
down on our end as most were older people or people that just didnt use the had to go to the lobby with laptops...I didnt have one..the girls let
me visit them and do chores and then let me stay and write for hours)
If I had internet myself I may not have come back
the girls and I would not have worked it out as well to get here...

Night..yes same as youth
happy that everyone was asleep no fighting going on
no father happy drnking till three in morning
school in mornings a grueling day forever it seemed
ha ha

even now Dog wakes me up at five
I come home drink cold coffee and slip down
here in the basement
the one little gleam of sky beyond the tub of
the outside basement window with its anti
break in grate...the tangle of branchs
in the common beautiful back yard

the furnace rushing behind me
and U Tube if I want to play which is often
when I write....I really do appreciate the

but they are asleep here
I can just lay here sprawled practially
flat in this computer chair as my back
is old and ache and sore filled
the dogs curled up on the couch
and in the dog hut (cage)

reading here quiet
we always got woke up to fighting
and arguing
not physical but the jarring awake
was horrible

I can relate to this feeling of ease at
nights too
the peace
tranquility and magic when the moon is
out like now...the near empty streets
with its beautiful street lights
the mystery and shadows

we see the two little deer less then
thirty feet away in the grasses tall
and feilds by the creek when dogs
and I go for walk
they know we are not going to harm
them and the dogs never bark
but look at them whine and then
move on happy to sniff their little
hoove prints down the trail

I cant imagine real jasmine or real

we have sweet grass in places
and our cedar forests
sage too

but a jasmine tree!!!!

you make me dream Jayne

Thank You!

author comment
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