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the cardboard is pulling apart
mint chocolate running down
a tanned leg
onto the clever pumps
and second week pink
pearl paint..

the kids are shrieking in
the complex
bashing a giant plastic
ball made in China
the mother screams
"car!" and like chickens
beneath the soaring
aviary predator
rush to her plump

the taxi ticks over in
the heat...
its trunk a gaping tunnel
of plastic wrapped objects
in yellow..sensual jutting
out and rounded...backed
up to the door..fumes
roiling in with the summer
breeze..making me unfine

the carboard rends..the pops
spill skittering this way and
that..the dog catches one
the white of a glazed eye
like the teeth puncturing
a fang through the thin
metal...and streams of
fizzing foaming sugar
spritz everywhere....

the beautiful lens of your
eye never sways as i pass
to pay the driver
pull the load from the trunk
in two arms filled
but you twitch
pull in your stomach
beneath the cotton mix
trendy shirt

the mascara like a halo
to the green mystic
fire i crave

the fire of the zippo in
the summer sun
crackle of the tip
of the smoke
the door ajar

"get off the fucking road"
the kids part like the red
sea to a dented mini van

life is sweet...

Editing stage: 


I was there with you
unlocked and beating
heartily unencumbered

thank you!

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meet raj ....a neopoet
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for you


was the signature word..
defining sweetness!

the language of the word is verbose
in places..though sometimes.behind
it is a good heart!

holiday season is here..
Ontario the land of lakes
and parks....

thank you!

author comment

both technically
the one and same

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