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Flowers at a Funeral Parlor


Flowers at a Funeral Parlor:

the pungent odor of carnations
and the sickening decay of roses
that have had their day
no bouquet can stop
the lingering formaldehyde
from breaking through
to the Chanel Number 5….
an open casket emits
an odor of its own
and the mix is the Maker
of Nightmares of the Living Dead

Richard for Joe

Editing stage: 


from your rife mind
we all know
you still
alone glow

Thanks Richards
ere the candle flickers
keep us on Joe's mind's
lap tops fingers

beautiful rugged work
the art of the maker
from above
and earthbound
best betide the ceremony

I went to a friends gathering
as I call them
before that not many
but I made a lot of friends
as U to me Geremia
and thank U Richard!

Mr Esker!

you,Steven, and my friend Lovedly do me great honor..

author comment

yet tears they forge
in readers eye
do compose ere Joe
you still can we all know
where is Richards
speak out your voice
let the whole world
still with your thoughts rejoice
if you give us all a
lovely choice

I did not understand "Richard for Joe" in the signature / concluding line...however this is an exceptional poem particularly since it has touched upon a rare theme...


raj (sublime_ocean)

hope you know Joe is very unwell
can't deal with laps stop
and Richards his friend
is lending his hand

read Joe's latest poems
you will know

thanks for the confirmation Lovedly, I was beginning to think that it could be what you have said.

Wishing Joe the very best..

raj (sublime_ocean)

this was from me for Joe
u may read
raj ur sublime
a gentle poetic gold mine

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