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tested angry

this wretch
this crutch

the shattered
this light with
its touch

how i hated
how i waited
and now

like rains of darkness
filling up the screwed up
a life full of boxes
and dress shirts
of summer

the pockets of
bus slips
receipts and all
the numbers
of the lookers
and the gawkers

the looters and the

its love in a bottle
telephone romance
torn out of the connection
give me back my chance

brought the harrow across
me digging me up
drawing down the deep

you can have it
its yours
make it happy
and keep

all this weight of its madness
like a throne to sleep


Editing stage: 


A chain of rambling thoughts. A circle that seems to keep breaking, all the while giving me a blast of truth each time. Be it a tale of love or a tale of getting back the time you lost. I don't care because it sounds all good to me, and we can all fill in the holes after all, and that's why I'll keep reading this because it's mad poetry man!

There's my rambling for the day! Great one here. Like the ending and how there is a chance for the thought to continue but it just stops. Nice one.

Thank you very much for your interest and return in commenting on my Autobiography that
is written in a true Esker Persona style! There is a flexibility....Bukowski was great...he was
also more disciplined and had a greater vocabulary then most... I dont have that...its too daunting
a task....and i fear it....publishing an actual book with my name on it.........its like this.....if one can
only come here to see this creative has to read Neopoet, arriving here and keep
checking in.....all about power and control and fear and attention....perhaps im just being open
about this part of what i am .which is a large part of me....Neopoet has been a great help in
letting me be more open about my other crazy weird life....

people will stop reading..they will just want the book....
they can mass give it a thumbs up or down...
the jacket photo will become me and not the changing
every other day persona..which is what i love about this
place.......a literal personaification of the persona

i like your avatar and character
bonne jovie
a liveliness and flexible aptness

your whole take on my poetry is the closest anyone has come
to its heart of whatever darkness or light of loss or whatever is there..
the magic of that...

the ending is the best part...
no one has caught it worded best like this
others see it and transcribed their experience..

a chance for the thought...

that is the essence of human survival and hope
and the endings sometimes for some..
that human drive....
to go on or complete that link...

the thought to continue...
that to make one think
like a puzzle peice that can fit enough to transfer
a wave of understanding
even blurry..

have much to do today..
meeting..dishes..downtown on the approaching fall misting rain
on my seven year old mountian bike that looks great.
the library to return my late movies and pay them the six dollars
to show them in rich enough.....they jerked me about for the day return
and ive been just paying them to make a point..a rebel

a blast.....yes...its intense..
like the photo imagery they do now to the strobic flashes..

have to get going now....

thank you

Mr Esker!

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