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phony sorrows

the bright eye blazing


the bridge alive

shaking while the boxcars


travel haunted by

I wore my fringe coat leather

a dandy with concerted bounty

in from the lost county

tangled up

intentions charged

the river why

rippled and chilled

deep enlivened

moonlight thrilled

the dark harvest

in the foyer of stars

snowfall footsteps

and sleeping cars


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down by the tracks in the middle of the night? The picture you paint, is quite striking.

I love the night, the black and white,
the film that jerks and shakes
Old-time movies of the mind
and the memories it makes.

Great, as usual. ~ Gee

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and dreams and meeting old friends from
the Before time
(a certian date for me)
links the worlds
like the river crossing the wavery
shadow beneath a bridge
and emerging on the other side

Thank You

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