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f i s s i o n t a i l i n g s

corkscrew slate
the nails wrung wrought
an apostrophe and dust

lead hulks and crawling
cracks...cold and frigid
are the winds through
vines let wild and in the
quiet mildewed settled

in books gone to pot
tales were read and
roasts rare bled fresh
brightness for vegetable

havoc dreams of threshold
like sweepstakes lay curled
on her bent spine of stone
beneath nomadic breath
the little pouts of glorious
peace rain like snows in a
quiet glade
sepulchers of silent worship
the brilliant rainbows of
a river of storms an outpouring
of a grateful deluge

granite skies the odious
colour of wet newsprint
a dragging heel from a
battle torn knee

freshets of eyes lost
and haunted
radiation thieves
and the counters
humming like
an angry clock

and still the beauty
in untouched genes
not torn asunder by
the cruelties

by a sun still flaming clean
on a dirty world
by love existing round fires
while packs rebuild
while moons swell and
grow and snows fall
like burial earth
blighted white and sterile
by cold fire

we huddle
and dream awake
in canyons of eternity

Editing stage: 


to read and under stand your poetry
illiteracy weakens me
but I dare
gather my wits about
to fish you Esker
from the water tank
of poets
here you are out


The chasms of eternity that hold so much, each of us makes our own tailings to be strewn around least we gather them together in some semblance of order.
My tailings will need a bulldozer with a blade of the finest silk to gather the thoughts I have discarded there in my Valley of eternity..
Take care young Wolf and let the hunt begin, let the Spirit guide you as always, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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