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//////////////////////////// f i a n c h e t t o ////////////////////////////////

mourning woe
wound in its sinister thorn blend
a room with embers
for exertion
the cold fuel of romantics
that you pressed against me
like a damp branding

slipping into love like
a comforting dress
winter as moving as
a funeral motorcade

the smokey eyes
the dark shade at
the corners of a plump
angels mouth

eyes full of stars
like wishes
broken from the
in a mirror burst
the sun on all the
beneath footsteps
of pained dignities

look to the lake
with its frozen visions
and at eve's quiet
in the light
falling soft
is the whisper of
like a cup of
catching emblems
melting in
the rush of heartbeat
steady in this

at the side

like an angel
into night

the dear
you with
to the dream

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I enjoyed reading this poem Esker - well most of it. I didn't understand much of what you were saying; there seemed to be little point in it, except the hint in the title. But it still didn't come together for me, I left the poem feeling like I had wasted my time reading, and so had you in writing this, for me at least, because there was no significant communication despite a few gems I'd like to remember, like:

'slipping into love like
a comforting dress
winter as moving as
a funeral motorcade'


"look to the lake
with its frozen visions"

But that's it Esker. Never have you made much sense to me.


No verse is free for the man who wants to do a good job. - TS Eliot

at least there was a few things you've come away
with that you found in this...
thank you for your comment!

author comment

This one after a couple of reads became very clear its really quite profound in its beauty when the meaning of each stanza hits home, there are many stanza's and lines that I loved I don't want to be held to a single line I love them all but this one spoke to me

deep poetry that left me sighing yet again

love JC xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

Another dazzling display of word choices that ooze mystery and defy logic! Yet, they somehow merge into a very readable version of poetic insanity! LOL!! In other words, I liked it!

sometimes people want to have described video for their reads
their minds padded and effort to look and the need to be
spoon fed from the time of momma and daddy.....even the great
dr suess made reading with his quizes and nonsense work for our
little minds......

as a poet in this world this is no meaning to anything..part of the
joy of those with a properly gifted creativity to see the mish mash meaning
in most abstracts......but then again i like to use my mind...
thank you friend|||||||!

author comment

Darkness falls
Enclosing the soul
As life turns to death

Ebony angels
On tarnished wings
Lead the journey
From reality
To fate

I liked the mystery and darkness...thank you

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

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