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[Letter to my brother]

I am nothing more than who I am
I know my strengths and limitations
yet somehow I’ve failed
to meet others’ expectations.

Always judged but rarely judgmental,
I’ve spent a lifetime nailed
to one cross or another.
I’ve lived by my own golden rule
and I do unto others
what they have done to me.

My heart may be tender
My character of a nature kind
But I am no fool:
I am not blind to treachery
and can clearly see
a Judas trying to undo me.

My Soul is as clean as
a good man’s soul can be:
filled with the sins of humanity,

Yet you tell me
and say to all
as my days fade away
that I am bound to Hell
for rejecting Augustine, Aquinas
and Paul.

But Christ is in my heart
and forever on my mind.
I doubt ,wonder and fear,
pray to keep my sanity
and I agonize
as the end draws near.
But what better Soul
than the soul of a good man.

Kryste, eleison

Editing stage: 


A saddish piece, which brings back a saying of mine:-
"If you carry a cross too long,
then the cross will become the reason for carrying.. I.T.Howard © 2013
Is this written by you or the one at the bottom or is my Latin that bad lol.
You take care Joe, and it is good to see you on the site.
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Yes, written by me. Kyrie,eleison,, Kryste, eleison=- ancient Greek part f the Roman liturgy:Lord, Have mercy Christ, Have mercy.

Am going for surgery 26th.The risk of being put under is worth the "fixing". I made the decision.


author comment

when you have faith...
more than strength
also the will..
medicines prove their birth
and dime’s worth....

you shall return in better form
when on the operations table
just think of me
what Loved said
''I'd love to continue to read your poetry
and you will...


You give me courage.

author comment

appears in camouflage
so be it !
get the courage you already have
be known around...


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