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EMPTY CRADLE: v erse added to the end. .

[Robert Longo-Geremia :
May 15, 1940-May 15, 1940]

I’ve come too far
I can’t go back
the world doesn’t know me
but I am here
and must see it through
living not for one
but two

one child dies
another fills an empty womb
so here I am
and I have to see it through

One soul into another
you are my other self
you are my brother....

Editing stage: 


"the world doesnt know me anymore"

Must and Have....

excelllent Geremia

Thanks, Steven. At 2 .A.M. my poetry beomes shortere and more direct, and screw the metaphor.


author comment

One child dies
another fills an empty womb

Profound Joe ...

Your writing has an edge of late

Love your Jayne xxx

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Yes, it has a sharp edge lately. I see that too.

author comment

Good poetry sometimes comes from dark places

We can't help what we write for a poet its like being able to breathe

Love ~

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Yes, i have a certain neapolitan cynisism that is expressed always simply and directly: PROVERB:

<‘A vita è comme ‘a scala do vallenaro: è corta e chiena ‘e merda> (Life is similar to a henhouse’s staircase: short and full of shit0

That does say it all. Neapolitan was the language of my maternal side.The most expressive and "natural" of all the southern Italian tngues.I was also raised with Calabrian--a harsh and difficult dialect with litttle of the neapolitansenseof the absurd. Language defines us,Interesting, my Jaynr, how I become 2 different people when I speak each. And the language of poetry also brings us "away from ourselves."

author comment

ensues ecstatic love
no one
neither he nor she ....
has any control over that moment

but the orgasmic burst
sends lightening streaks
that helps a new incision
in some womb

and results in a rendition of some one
who'd be ready any moment
to snatch the empty cradle...

that was perhaps
the gift of blinding


You continue to astound me.

author comment

do honour me still


Was of twins with one dead and one alive

He: 1940
I :1942

My parnts wanted 3 chidrem. Robert would have been that 3rd

author comment

hope you all have got over it. I still cry for my mother who went in 1995

To remember is sad; but to forget is sadder.



author comment

the effect of twins
since gone down memory lane
mom's love remains the same
for those who came
or didn't

a ticket to paradise
what else
when ??
no vacancy yet
the next next... train
all reservations made...
alas still in vain...
even God doesn't know
who remains.. ..


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