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- E s m e r i n n a ~

through thasher vortex
the cupped world
the cracked shelter

ran the wild
fat lipped
and blister brokened
like villager papers
notes knocked form the power

the gardens livid
and lush
rising in the moons tide
the crawling liquid salt flats
an immersion
sweet at the ankles
the lights
with their starsmoke
garish and sizzling

thick coffee
and dark limited
paper wrapped
crisp and lit
from that haunted hand
the zippo flires
consuming lapping
in the wind like a thirsty

in time
held up against
the doorframe
creme saucer

and it all kept going
like the darkness
running off the end
of the roll
defying the edges

and attitudes.....

Editing stage: 


because they are pretentiously indecipherable. Try writing English, I suspect you of being purposely obscure.

Write a poem people can understand.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

have been waiting to hear of you here..
suggestions of writing english and your vitrolity
about where my poems are and why i expected..
I do feel for you...after all the years we have known
each other here....your pms and the open messages
praising me one moment and then condoning the work
and now me as a poet are an example of true poetry
however....the greats struggling with their addictions
and demons attacked one another in the same manner...

but i do understand having gotten some of my own
under control.....I know you miss "Orgami" circa whatever
year that as...They are still there on the archives somewhere..

I dont understand though why you would spit in my face like post about health issues and such not if its an
excuse and you write excuses about how you were this
or that as if thats a reason for behaviour....which it isnt
but then ive had much work done because i wanted it..
im not much different mate....we are all human and poets to
boot..sadly though im not skin is much thick the
past while....the true of you is showing more and more though..
the bitter mean and cruel.....envy and ambition...they will eat
you up...bitterness and ghosts will chase you down...

all im doing is writing....i dont mind if they sit over there in the
zone where they are.....orville and wilbur made a lot of prototypes
before their craft flew..before long it was an airborne machine
defending liberty and justice in the skies of France!

its just poetry mate! was thinking of you though when tonight
my dog and i were on the trail...a hornets nest....defending ideals
is a great thing....but living them is an equally great thing...
all i do is write...if ten go in the lobby and one or two make it to
the street thats okay by me....

i turned fifty....i got my balls and some maturity and humility
and responsibility....its a great feeling....i dont feel sorry for
those struggling...but i wait for their courage to settle...and
read and look for the great poetry that the sizzling fire is working
consumes the soul to evolve the steel...subtlety and dynamic

you are like a true critic though! im glad i got a bad review..
you know you are doing something right when that happens..:)
thanks for caring! wishing you well!

Mr Esker!

author comment

I an erratic, narcissistic and self-loathing, and strangely I care. I do have empathy

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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