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dressage barrage

harsh bitterness hangs in the air
like this moon
shorn of cloud beyond
our reflections in the old poured glass

panes of pangs

delvish ruin
upon our arms
we drape our wounds
our aches
like gleaming charmes
and rush to greet
a calamity we become
sinking fast
the heat of our hunger
dripping like morning
the husks of a flowers
once beautiful
soft newness

petals of sighs
drowsy and high

Editing stage: 


edge of grass
softened and bent
as night's lust for light
drips into soils
tender with step

derogatory flowers
fade their bloom
into skeletal petals
spreading their sex
wherever the morning's breeze
will have it

as blood-filled eyes
focus on the dunes
sands drifted in sleep
as the veins hunger could not be quenched
each heart beat a reminder
of another swing at ecstacy
as the stem
pricks its needle
and pushes time
to run away

and leave these souls
with a strong taste
of yesterday
on unbrushed teeth


i think of kate bush...
the sad ends of the dragon chasers
others pulled up before the glide into the ground
on their machines

the false horizon

sunshine here today
made it through a winter
life goes on
surgery for a partner

blossoms and wind
a rough freedom
on a set income
just a two card deck
for the card counters
on a four deck shuffle
the odds are boringly

cheap thrills and the simple
observations of life
in a small small radius
but thats enough
to hang a life too
enough to roll

thank you for your observations
and writing
to a writer this is our world
beyond newspaper
propaganda and gossip

author comment

liked the write yet reality crept in,
Lost days, lost love
Self destroyed
friends depleted
a perpetual haze
The darkness creeps
where thought should be
just jangled dreams remain
Gasps of reality gone
smug trip to death
It maybe a gentle journey
I shall not walk with you.
I cannot stand the screams
Of cringing creatures
without direction
Crazed gazes
Rewarded in a morgue
A flat bed to rest
Where the cutting edge
Is now a scalpel
Carving a "Y"
Weighing all of your worth
Where even bits of you
are worthless,
I could go on but it is a new day,
and to start with the failures of some,
is not a good place to be.
Go well young Wolf the journey starts anew,
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

i really did live..i see this now..
and i went to extremes..
not as in creative out there
or belonging to groups

i am not that..
i only just became a poet lately

i only just settled down in the last
thirteen years
last year

some relationships
are like loving a poisonous
flower or reptile

like being a lion tamer

thats what this one is
about the beauty
of that love
that kind of love

thank you

author comment
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